Parish Leadership


Pastoral Council

 The Pastoral Council assists the pastor in the spiritual leadership of the parish. The Pastoral Council has eight elected members, the Pastor, the chairpersons of the Finance Council, the Board of Education, and a representative from the youth. The Pastoral Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

The chairperson is Nathan Lowe.


Finance Council

 The Finance Council is responsible for planning, providing, and supervising the financial affairs of the parish.  Council members oversee the budget and stewardship of the parish. 

The chairperson is Donald Krouse.


Faith Formation Committee

 The Faith Formation Committee interacts with the Holy Family Consortium, All Saints, St. Matthews, Regis Middle School, and Xavier High School.  It oversees the parish religious education programs for children and adults.  Special preparations for the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist, Penance, and Confirmation are also offered.  There are five voting members elected to the committee for three-year terms.  The Pastor and the Director of Religious Education are also members of the committee.

The chairperson is Anne Pilling.


Liturgy Committee

 The Liturgy Committee prepares for special liturgies and trains parishioners for participation in various liturgical ministries.

The chairperson is Penny Bear.


Parish Life Committee


The Parish Life Committee organizes activities that bring our parish community together as one. Examples are the Adventureland trip, the Parish Picnic, the Ice Cream Social . . .

The chairperson is Naida Garza. Contact her at or 319-362-8689.


Social Justice Committee


The Social Justice Committee helps with several charities, including The Catholic Worker House, St. Vincent de Paul, Green Square Meals, Habitat for Humanity, the Community Free Health Clinic, and emergency help for parishioners. The committee also provides servers for the Sunday evening dinner at First Presbyterian Church.

The chairpersons are Anne Pilling and Bev Valant.


Buildings & Grounds


The Building and Grounds Committee handles the maintenance of the parish buildings and grounds. 

Committee members facilitate minor improvements and carpentry work and also consult on major projects.

The chairperson is Pat Geraghty.


Music & Choir

The Music & Choir Director is Gina Leahy. You can contact her at